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Madefern Joinery Ltd

Address: 239 Coldharbour Lane
London, SW9 8RR


We have a manufacturing resource able to manufacture and assemble staircases in London to all configurations from budget straight flights, to winder and double curved string staircases. These stairs will not only be practical but will be combined to create a design feature. We will work with designers to enable your stair requirements to be met, and this can be from drawings or samples supplied.

Our joiners have a high degree of knowledge and skill, and this is passed on to others to ensure a continuity of service to the client. A wide choice of materials is available and we can produce stairs to meet just about every specification, We pride ourselves in having the skills to offer a most complete service, and handrail carving is one of our specialities. Site surveys will be undertaken to determine the full and correct detail of the stairs to ensure a smooth installation process. Further, we are able to give advice with due regard to the Building Regulations to ensure the design is compliant.